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The following checklist will help you prepare for the big day.

Arrange for a mover or moving truck (call early!)
     Ask for referrals form friends

Get moving supplies
     Cartons, tape, scissors, labels, markers
     Packing material: newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap

Change your address
Complete a change of address card from the post office so they’ll know where to forward your mail. You’ll also want to notify other people directly.

     Friends and relatives
     Business associates (employer, insurance agent, bank, credit card companies)|
     Professional contacts (attorney, accountant, doctor, dentist)
     Magazines and publications (send a copy of your mailing label)
     Other contacts (clubs, associations)

Settle financial matters
     Close local charge accounts
     Transfer bank accounts
     Empty safe deposit box

Cancel services and establish at new location
     Home security
     Garbage collection
     Cable TV/satellite
     Lawn or snow removal
     Cleaning service

Cancel utilities and establish at new location
(Buying, Home Connections)
     Gas/fuel oil

Contact schools and day care
     Notify of move
     Request children’s records or transcripts

Tie up loose ends
     Return borrowed items, including library books
     Pick up dry cleaning, laundry, items in for repairs
     Obtain medical and dental charts and records
     Get copies of prescriptions

Tip:  Now is a great time to donate, sell or dispose of unused items.